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How to make your own organic fertilizer

Propagate Fig Trees: How To and Why - Do FREE fruit trees sound good to you? How about small steps at saving our environment? Yep, me too. Check out how you can do this too.

How To Make And Use Compost Tea – The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer | "The Farm" Old World Garden Farms

Top 10 Organic Fertilizers

Improve Your Soil with Homemade Fertilizer - Photo courtesy iStock/Thinkstock (UrbanFarmOnline.com)

Straightforward advice with tons of great pics!

Homemade liquid compost - great for apartment gardeners who don't have a compost heap.

So organized.

Natural Economical Fertilizer for Organic Gardening. There are a lot of good ideas and information on overall organic gardening here

Six Steps to Successfully Taking HARDWOOD Cuttings of TREES and Shrubs

How to Make Organic Plant Food

Organic Vegetable Garden Tip

4 Step Guide to Building a Herb Spiral

Here are the steps for how to keep a large potted flower or container garden healthy.

Making Eggshell & Banana Peel Organic Tomato Fertilizer: Blossom End Rot...

Comfrey fertilizer.

The Lazy Gardener's way to make Fertilizer

DIY Garden Steps & Stairs • Lots of ideas, tips & tutorials! Including, from 'ohio thoughts', this gorgeous hillside sidewalk and stair project.


A cheap and easy way to fertilize plants for Mama's garden is by doing it at home with this eggshell fertilizer. Like fertilizer is what makes plants grow, Mama's love is what makes her family grow.

Worms fertilize soil naturally. They're the best garden helpers around!