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    How to make your own organic fertilizer

    Top 10 Organic Fertilizers - These are the top 10 organic fertilizers that every gardener should use to create a healthy organic garden.

    How To Make And Use Compost Tea – The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer | "The Farm" Old World Garden Farms

    Improve Your Soil with Homemade Fertilizer - Photo courtesy iStock/Thinkstock (


    Natural Economical Fertilizer for Organic Gardening. There are a lot of good ideas and information on overall organic gardening here

    So organized.

    How to Make Organic Plant Food

    Making Eggshell & Banana Peel Organic Tomato Fertilizer: Blossom End Rot...

    Comfrey fertilizer.

    The Lazy Gardener's way to make Fertilizer


    How to fertilize plants with egg shells. I love making use of things that you would normally just trash. This is easy and brilliant. #fertilizeplants #fertilizer #fertilizereggshells

    6 homemade plant fertilizer "recipes"--very, very simple

    Worms fertilize soil naturally. They're the best garden helpers around!

    Banana Peel Fertilizer - Stone Family Farmstead

    Alternative Gardning: Dried Banana Peels as a Plant Fertilizer

    Vermicompost is one of the most nutritious and sustainable fertilizers you can use in your garden. Here are some tips on how to harvest it and use it to feed your plants.

    DIY Organic Deer Deterrent

    Using banana peels as fertilizer for the garden & container plants. "Bananas are rich in phosphorus and potassium, both of them important macro-nutrients for the plants. Potassium in particular is the responsible for the new formation of flower buds."