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Rus-stamped trim on tunic

If a man walks around America like this, he will be looked at differently, people will talk about him, and people will even think he is a terrorist, just because of the clothing he wears that's part of his religion.

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Byzantium Mosaic portrait of Empress Irene on the Comnenos mosaic in the Hagia Sophia, Constantinople (Istanbul).

10th-11th c. Boyar Garb – Finished gallery

William Berkrolles, 1327, and wife, Phelice de Vere, Wales St Athan - St Athan http://www.themcs.org/costume/Female/Wales%20St%20Athan%20-%20St%20Athan%20William%20Berkrolles%201327%20and%20wife%20Phelice%20de%20Vere%20209.JPG

William Berkrolles, and wife, Phelice de Vere, Wales St Athan - St Athan…