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    OMG my life motto on an ecard. Haha. If someone hates you for no reason, give that motherf***er a reason.

    Hahahah classic

    I get called a bitch a lot. It's true, but hey, I never get called stupid, ignorant, fat or ugly.

    And so she gave no fucks...

    Lmao! Ahahaha fucktards!!

    Lol..very true

    With a fuck fuck here...and a fuck fuck there.... Here a fuck There a fuck I don't give a Fuck Fuck!!

    These things are so perfect

    So me.

    #NOFILTER #mh #notPC #way2funny #boom

    ME! Hahahaaa

    Ever get to work and immediately just be like, 'Fuck this, I'm out!'

    Highly appropriate for this broken foot of mine. LOL. Luckily there's pintrest!



    leave me the fuck alone.

    Oh yeah, for sure!

    true that.

    So very true.

    Dear neighbor please make a note of this.... 1. Please tell your kids to pick up their toys so I don't stop every time I come home to pick them up. 2. Please let your children know that it is rude to... Look in other peoples windows, put their hands on other peoples cars, and ding dong ditch. Thanks