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OTHERS_Anger_So let it go!_"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

No need to be aggressive, when assertive will do when accomplishing this feat.  This is exactly the motto that I want my girls to grow up with.

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Some people call it boundaries but I call it self love. If someone is disrespecting you, even unintentionally, it's up to you to show them how you want to be treated. Communication is key. No passive aggressive behavior. I agree.

own up, ladies and gents

sometimes it's okay to take a step back and admit you're being ridiculous. Ok I am taking a step back right now!

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"You hate when people see you cry because you want to be the strong girl. At the same time, though, you hate how nobody notices how torn apart and broken you are." This is me.

Happy New Year 2013    We all start out with the best of intentions on day 1.  We are going to workout, lose 20 lbs, quit smoking, be a better person, etc.  Some reach their goals, while others fail miserably.  Everyone's ultimate goal is to achieve more satisfaction in their life.  Instead of the usual unattainable goals, maybe if we try and follow these rules in life we will find the satisfaction we seek.

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“ It’s like “Mind over matter.”So true. Your mind can do powerful things. You have control of your thoughts, your decisions, and your path. It’s up to you to fill your mind and thoughts with either.

Kit really does seem to be true.  Need to remember this!

Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn. Inspiration to smile!