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Haha! Right?!

This is hilarious! But seriously.show him my wedding board.

Send in your old bridesmaids dresses to NewlyMaid and they will trade it for a new Little Black Dress for any occasion----Hmmm.... I see myself using this in the near future

Send in your old bridesmaids dresses to NewlyMaid and they will trade it for a new Little Black Dress for any occasion!update: went to site and u have to buy a dress then send in your dress, they upcycle or donate it.you can't trade it :(


Have a ring warming ceremony to take the ring exchange one step further. Before the ceremony, pass the wedding rings around to the guest who imbue the rings with a silent prayer or blessing for the couple.

And you just thought it was so other people could see your ring while you are driving lol

The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because thats the only finger that has a vein that connects to heart fact quote

One of the most beautiful proposal stories I've ever read. PIN NOW, READ NOW.

The Best Proposal Story Ever. Seriously.

this guy is the best! WOW READ THIS AND CRY. but seriously. Most amazing proposal story. That's as good as it gets -- totally worth the read!<< Oh my Gallifrey, my future husband better propose to me like this!

so people know why i'm talking to myself on the treadmill...

Sweating for the Wedding in Black Work-out Tank Top. Seems like it would give me motivation ha

love this idea to preserve and display keepsakes from the wedding

Different twist on the Wedding SHadow Box. Veil, garter, and ceremony program in a shadow box. So sweet and what a good way to not have those things shoved in a box somewhere.--hang in closet

Tips from Beyond!      Remember that a wedding is over in a day, and your marriage is for a lifetime. Make sure to spend lots of time planning for your marriage – not just your wedding. Also, get a good photographer!    - Angela

Tons of wedding tips @ Wedding Day Pins : You're Source for Wedding Pins!Wedding Day Pins : You're Source for Wedding Pins! Great tips for your wedding day!

She may be getting married before me...but if she steals any of my wedding ideas from Pinterest, I'll cut her.

And when you steal them without knowing and she starts planning her wedding, she makes you feel horrible about it because "now I can't do it because you did it" and she never told me any of her ideas anyway!