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  • Rick Foster

    The Slow Disappearance of Meaning and Truth ROBERT MONTGOMERY #RobertMontgomery #Urbanart #streetart #contemporaryart #billboards #walls #poet #neonlights #StreetMessage

  • Della Simmons

    Robert Montgomery- street artist

  • Rita Gomes

    The slow disappearance of meaning and truth #typography #quotes

  • _maria

    “Robert Montgomery works in a poetic and melancholic post-Situationist tradition. Since 2005, he has carried out his WORDS IN THE CITY AT NIGHT project where he hijacks ad space in the city, often illegally. He covers ad billboards with austere black posters & white letters, which assume the color and light of the ones underneath, parasitically, in public space. His texts are part poetry, part an enquiry into our collective unconscious. They're intended for commuters who don’t know they're art.”

  • Kelly Shortini

    Robert Montgomery, I salute your subversion of the 'Las Vegas' sign. As a symbol of excess how apt that you would adapt it to reflect the failings of 'consumerist' society. Far much more effective to do this than ramble on!!

  • Love Things

    Robert Montgomery is a Scottish artist.Who populates cities with visual poems, which lie somewhere between street art and academic art. Robert has transformed London with neon signs that shine with solar-generated light, and with posters that firmly locate it all within post-situationism.

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