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Is it just me or is fact that the Weeping Angels have retractable claws just make them that much more creepy. Seriously look at those daggers!

Proof that The TARDIS is real! " I found this in a book and had to assemble it to show my Whovian friends. It is a manuscript border from the 16th century shows Rory and Amy in fezzes, a weeping angel baby AND THE TARDIS!"

Terrarium featuring a TARDIS and weeping angels.. I've been wanting to make one of these!!! #terrarium OH. MY. GOD. The best two things in the world combined. I'm going to cry.

Weeping Angel Barbie - I kinda want to make this the best costume trophy for my party...but then i will also have to have the best costume at the party so i win.

Doctor Who:  Tardis Purse So when I saw this I practically ran to the fabric store to make my own.  I’m in the middle of making one right now.  I’m hoping I can get it done by Wondercon (OMG next Sunday!!! ^_^).  I’m also going to use that wonderful Doctor Who fabric I posted earlier for the inside!

I could take that to debate tournaments... The Saxon button completes the whole loook.

Doctor Who "Weeping Angel" Fine Art Print of my original illustration in various sizes on Etsy, $8.00

Doctor Who walking a Weeping Angel, DragonCon 2012

Love this. I would hang it above my bed, so in case the Doctor happened upon my bedroom, he would know I am waiting for him.

WOW! this combines two things that I totally love! SOOOOO making this!!!