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    *K-2nd Grade*This activity has many uses, including correcting semantic absurdities, lengthening MLU, describing objects, and formulating sentences, but was designed specifically around the following Common Core Standard: ELA-LITERACY.L.1.5.B.Define words by category and by one or more key attributes (e.g., aduckis a bird that swims; atigeris a large cat with stripes).

    Pronouns: Here are 10 FREE pronouns task cards and worksheets for students to practice we and us pronouns.This 12 page pronouns freebie includes:10 Pronouns Task Cards (we or us)Student Response FormStudent Response Form Answer KeyPronouns Cut and Paste WorksheetsCut and Paste Answer KeyYou will also receive my free download of Top 20 Uses for Task Cards!

    This 8 page download is perfect for working on 'he' and 'she' pronouns with a basketball theme, just in time for March! Included in the download are:-Game instructions-CCS reference-"I will" learning goal-16 'he' target cards-16 'she' target cards-game boardI would love to hear your feedback if you grab it!Thank you for visiting my store!JennCrazy Speech World Freebie offered under Scrappin Doodle license #TPT89953

    Parts of Speech for Beginners: Pronouns is a FREE stand-alone packet introducing simple pronouns to replace nouns depicted in pictures.There are 3 activity pages and one page of word wall cards all in color and black & white.If desired, this packet can also be combined with these other products in the Parts of Speech for Beginners series:Parts of Speech for Beginners: NOUNS Parts of Speech for Beginners: PRONOUNSParts of Speech for Beginners: VERBSParts of Speech for Beginners: ADJECTIVE...

    This fun "Mystery Themed" packet is a perfect way to introduce the Past, Present and Future Verb tenses to your students. The exercises are designed to be fun and simple so your students can get a good grasp on the concept of the different tenses. For your convenience Teacher Answer Sheets included.

    Display these pretty posters in your classroom to help your students remember how to make plural nouns.I hope you enjoy this freebie!LoriIf you like what you see, please follow me:Teaching With Love and LaughterFacebookPinterest

    FREE Verb Practice. My idea: make it into a smartboard partner game for literacy center time to review this CCSS

    hands-on activities to teach past tense, present tense, and future tense

    Special Education Visual Sentence Building for Early Readers CLASSROOM PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS! I love to read and I want my students to love it, too. Since I have students with varying cognitive levels, I knew from experience that I had to create a reading motivator, something to get those non-readers on their way to loving reading, too.

    Miss Speechie

    Silly sentences - for build sentence patterns with various nouns, verbs, articles, etc. Have kids write a story that includes the sentence they created.

    Sentence building with basic sight words and pictures. For my kids going to kindergarten next year...

    Incomplete sentences and subject/predicate explanation

    These activities are designed to help your students make sentences using present progressive ing. You can also use these activities to work on using the words is and are in sentences as well as expanding utterance length. There are 60 flashcards (4 per page) that feature different verbs.

    These cards are designed to help your students practice using the words am and are correctly. Each card has a question with the form Are you _____ or _____? Ask your students the question and prompt them to respond with I am _____ or We are _____. You can also have your students practice asking each other the questions to work on using Are in question format.

    Updated on 3/2/14: Added 2 more themes and additional practice worksheetsThis packet is designed to help students construct sentences that are 3-4 words long. Have your students repeat the sentence using the sentence strip as a visual cue. I have my students point to each box as they say each piece of the sentence.

    This activity is designed to help your students practice using possessive s in sentences. There are 16 different people and each person has pictures of 5 different objects that could belong to him/her. You can have your students complete the sentence at the top of each page, such as this is the babys _______.

    Verb tense practice

    This product includes "WH" posters in 4 different color schemes. There are 2 differentiated levels for students to illustrate and expand sentences in writing related to "WH" words. Contains student rubric with learning goal.

    This verb tense mat can be used as a visual to aid with past, present, and future verb tense production.

    45 page grammar download! irregular verbs, irregular plurals, do/does, have/has, is/are, third person singular, and pronouns (subject, object, possessive, & reflexive)

    Increasing MLU: Help Students Enjoy Sentence Building With Speech or AAC - Dynamic Therapy Associates, inc.

    Here's a printable to get you started pronouncing English -ed endings (regular past tense words). Sample words organized by sound. Add you own personalized vocabulary. For yourself or your ESL students. Sound like a native speaker with this lesson on English pronunciation.

    Use this document to easily track your students' progress!

    Use this document to easily track your students' progress!