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witches and shamans have familiar spirits – we just do – whether we like it or not. Some have animal, plant, mineral, or ancestral spirit guides/ helpers/ allies/ familiars, and some have one or more of each.

Northern Goshawk as Totem by Ravenari on deviantART

Change - Frog as Totem by Ravenari.devianta... on deviantART

Earth, Air, Sea and Mythical Totem Animal Meanings and How To Know Yours

kindred A raven calls out from the top of a Raven totem pole.

"This amazing totem was on somebody’s front yard in Ketchikan, Alaska, right behind their parking spot. It’s beautiful, I love the character this bird has. I like the fact they are living art – carved wood standing out in the open, changing constantly due to weathering. They never were made to be hidden away in museums, presided over by people in white coats – they are for the people, and of the people." Matthew Wild