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"If you get eaten by a T Rex I will miss you." Dale, I know it's not clothes, but it reminded me of that song... Just wanted to say that I ♥ you! :)

Batman Dinosaur my absolute two favorite things :]

Laughed so hard at this I cried. And then I remembered "cuz I got a big head, and little arms" and I laughed harder.

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I have a big torso and little arms!

Yeah me too actually... although to my defense I just watched a jurassic park marathon a few days ago. Haha

Random Pictures Photo Gallery : theBERRY

Bahahahaa!!!! Master, I have a big head and little arms. I don't think this plan was thought out very well... :P

I feel wrong for pinning this... but it legit made me giggle for about an hour, soooo....