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  • Callie Rae

    We All Have Things To Do

  • Sabrina Schinstock

    you need to cheer up, you need to piss off, funny, haha, amen.

  • B B

    avdunstar featuring polyvore fillers words text quotes backgrounds doodles phrase saying outline scribble

  • Andrea Tanner

    This is SOOOO me - I can be in the best mood but if someone tells me to be happy I get pissed..... do people go around telling MEN to smile?? Or be happy?? NOPE - I know a LOT of grumpy ass men who I wouldn't dare say that to. And I'm not a grumpy ass, so why would you say it to me?? We are all entitled to have a moment or a bad day!!!

  • Kim Vann

    this made me laugh-- too funny!

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