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    • Becky Wacha

      Uh, because teachers teach the students every day. If a dentist was responsible for brushing a kid's teeth every day and for his diet, too, we'd expect the kid to not have cavities. Teachers have the kids 8 hours a day. The question isn't why we expect so much of teachers, the question is why we expect so little.

    • Catherine Harris

      truth. because those I know who teach aren't the cause of their students grades. Because the apple never falls far from the tree and it's easier to blame someone else for your faults/child's issues than it is to accept responsibility and work to make it right.

    • Kara Jo McKinley

      So true. Don't blame teachers for trying. Blame your kids for not trying.

    • Amy Revia

      "We don't blame dentists when we don't brush properly and we get a cavity. So why do we blame teachers when kids don't pass because they don't study?"

    • Deborah Cramer Roman

      I love this quote! Why don't we stand up for our teachers (me) and take responsibility for our kids education?

    • Shauna Birtch

      food for thought.. Love it so true!

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