Edible solid shapes---Love this!! I think children really remember those solid shapes when you apply this math lesson to food. :)

Edible Flat & Solid Shapes

A 3-D shapes poem ~ Cute :)

Making edible 3D shapes

3-d shapes with FOOD!

The Solar System in snack form! (2 ways)

Solid Figures Color Coordinated Anchor chart. FREE!

2-D & 3-D shapes anchor chart

Teaching fractions with play-doh! This help students visualize fraction games that will help them understand fractions conceptually.

Shape riddle download

First Grade Wow

edible arrays

21 different characters to choose from for this fun four quadrant graphing worksheet.

Fractions Bingo! Game. Print the gamboards and grab some dice! Fun way to reinforce fractions.

Math spiders#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

My students love this video about 3D shapes!

Suzie's Home Education Ideas: Exploring 3D Shapes

Math station idea for upper level - love this blog of great ideas for lesson plans of group work!

SHAPES (Song for Kids ♫) Kids can practice drawing shapes in the air with the video.

more classroom ideas!