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GRANDMA STATUS. << for the longest time i thought it said "GRAMMAR STATUS" so i reread the e-card several times and couldnt figure out what was wrong with the grammar then i realized it said "GRANDMA STATUS". what is my life?

UNTIL THEY WANT SOMETHING! then it's 'oh you could make that for me' LOL those who joke get no goodies. Also, buy the yarn if you want something! it's not free just because we know HOW to knit it. UGH.

Is it cold in your part of the world now? Here's a DIY blanket that might interest you! This crocheted mermaid tail blanket is just perfect for keeping your legs warm without having to crawl back to bed. Also, they're nicer to see in the living room than a bed blanket. ;) Get more DIY mermaid tail blanket inspiration from the album on our site and learn how to make it!


How to Crochet: Re-Sizing Crochet Blanket Patterns

How to Crochet: Re-Sizing Crochet Blanket Patterns |