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Stalking comment if you stalk me and take over my life ??? Wat do you mean this is me lol babe why wouldn't it be ?

Found out my son's father's ex girlfriend that he cheated on me with has been stalking my Facebook for the past year and a half. How fucking creepy. Don't you have a life???? Why are you stalking me in the first place? Just to go back and tell him what I say. I'm a very honest, blunt person. Anything said on the internet can be said to anyone's face. I am not afraid.

I heard you stalk me on Facebook. It's okay, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Bahaha! I know I'm awesome. And you're clearly obsessed with me. And yet, somehow, I'M the one that needs help! Lmao. Keep telling yourself that, hunny bee. And quit stalking by damn boards and following almost everyone that I'm following/friends with on here! Crazy cunt.