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What I wouldn't give for a day rifling through drawers & boxes in this shop. "The Last Taxidermist in Paris, Deyrolle, World of Interiors, January 1985"

love the seams on that slipcover little blue deer

Deyrolles of Paris. Just another reason I have a big damn boner for France.

everyone needs a zebra!! Well a fake one...I'm sure PETA would rip me a new one if I didn't put a disclaimer haha

Have always wanted a study stuffed with old maps/photos, natural history sketches/speciments, and old scientific instruments! Sadly, what I don't have is the really big, pretentious house to pull it off.

madamecuratrix: Fantastic taxidermy raven perched on monkey skull by Grimm Relics on Etsy.

Despite being afraid of that thing falling on me, this bedroom is awesome!!

The Wunderkammer, or as it is called in English, the Cabinet of Curiosities, was the 16th century forerunner of the modern museum. European kings and princes would send emissaries to the far flung reaches of the known world to bring back strange, exotic and rare objects, which were installed in a dedicated room in the palace for the ruler’s enjoyment.