• Susan Miller

    free funny classroom images and quotes | POSTER: English Is A Crazy Language

  • ProfessorWord

    Lets face it - English is a crazy language! Why is there no egg in eggplant? Or ham in hamburger? :) #learn #english #esl #toefl

  • Nancy Young

    For my Editor cousin, and my English teachers, I have been saying this for years and apperantly I am not alone! .. the English language doesn't make sense. Therefore, im ignoring all rules of grammar from now on,

  • McKenna Hares

    English is a crazy language. And people wonder why dyslexics have such a hard time

  • kelli Lilly

    I've always thought how ridiculous the English language is.

  • Celeste McGhee

    Teacher School Classroom | POSTER: English Is A Crazy Language

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