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The Power of the Sea's. Aa I've said....we are just a really a speck, compared to the vastness of the Ocean....and what it Truly can do........we've seen the damages first hand, .........Still, a sight to see! Mother Nature. ......still, no matter --- Land or hers.

"When should the three of us meet again? Will it be in thunder, lightning, or rain?" The witches choose dark weather to do their dirty deeds. This picture depicts dark, stormy weather.

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Breavley Diamond

Woah, it's like a spot light!

A rare cloud formation called a mammatus, where clouds take on a  bubble-like shape, appeared in the skies above Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada following a thunderstorm on June 26.

When lightning flashes across the sky, make a wish. When flash-lightning (where the whole sky lights up) occurs before a storm actually starts, make a wish on it. When a lightning bolt makes a jagged streak in the sky, quickly make a wish. If you can get your wish started before the bolt completely disappears, there is a good chance your wish will come true.

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Mount Everest Pictures

Mount Everest is so tall that it interferes with the clouds that pass by. Here a lenticular cloud forms above its peak.

Christine Kysely Subscribed · 3 minutes ago Divine Inspiration “There are times when solitude is better than society, and silence is wiser than speech.