• Awa Yombeh Chery

    Champagne jello shots with pop rocks for new years eve RECIPE

  • Chelsea Wick

    Champagne jello shots with pop rocks on top?! Sounds like an awesome idea for New Year's Eve!

  • K B

    Champagne Jello shots with Pop Rocks #jelloshot #jshot #champagne #marriottmwest #wedding #shot #poprocks #reception

  • Heleen de Bruijn

    Recipe for Butterbeer Jelly Shots. Alternate idea: Champaign Jelly Shots for New Year's Eve. There's also a nice presentation on a stick on the website, aswell as a child friendly version. Rock UR Party Recipes.

  • Joy Ziminskas

    Sparkling grape juice Jell- O shots for New Years!!!

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