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    • liz

      Squeezit! {i remember this high fructose loaded addicting drink w/.5% fruit flavors} lol it was dang good

    • Amy Helkowski

      Squeeze-Its - I lived on these one summer best drink ever..didn't like the orange ones though that were like gel remember those?!

    • Rachel Picard

      Squeezit juice drinks - a sure-fire way to prove your parents loved you more than other kids' parents loved them: Squeezits in your lunch box!

    • Priscilla Oldright

      squeezeit #90s The squeez is on the squeeze is on, squeeze it squeeze it fruit drink! still remember the song for the commercial a little

    • Destinyy ❤

      Squeeze It Juices #childhood #memories ᖇ͈̮̗૩̰͘ᔿ̭̩̩ԑ͙̚Ḿ̲̳͘ʙ͛͘ʓ̻̮̀̚я̗̀¡̬̭ꏢ̣̋ ᗬ̠ᵃ͠《8̣̬0̠̎ˢ̀·ꏢ̻̇·9̱͠0̩͙ˢ̋》

    • Jocelyn Karvonen

      #TBT Throwback Thursday... 80s and 90s kids.. Forgot about these!!

    • Jennifer Michelle

      90s kids will remember logos | squeezits-90s.jpg

    • Lindsey Weir

      Squeezits! I remember drinking these at grandmas

    • Shawnie Turner

      #90skid #memories

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