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Zwemmen... in stijl!

Flipper High Heel—Because a lady musn't sacrifice her style, even when she's scuba diving. High Tide Heels, image via Shoes For All.

there are a lot of odd shoes

british designer tim cooper created this sample advertisement for 'superleggera carbon fiber high heels' by combining renderings of stilettos and images of the lamborghini gallardo. the image reminded us of some other 'car shoes'.

say what?!  Haha, I think the kids would get a kick out of these.  Very interesting...

Birds of a leather: Artist sculpts mallard, swan and toucan-inspired wearable heels


horse hoof shoes (but please not real horse hooves).i dreamed of this idea a couple years ago and keep seeing it visualized now. very fun.

The UggCrocVibram makes a grown man cry, but not in the good way like Sweet Cherry Pie. :'(

This Ugg-Croc-Toe-Shoe

The three ugliest types of shoes combined into one! Uggs, Crocs and Vibrams in one! (Vibrams = the ugliest shoes known to mankind, even more than Crocs. I laugh (to myself) when I see someone wearing them.

studio jellyfish | Studio Jellyfish Shoes..Zapatos y Bolsos personalizados

"Designed by Studio jellyfish and hand painted with care and love." They'll paint Your car on a pair of heels if you like ;

bizarre allen type super high heels

Aminaka Wilmont Bizarre Black Shoes Its difficult to tell where this womans feet end and her shoes begin! This pair of platforms/heels/pieces of art were created by Londons Aminaka Wilmont. Its hard to imagine standing up straight in these unique shoes.

Silver glittery heels

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