Texas Tornado!!

Tibetan Mastiff

Tomahawk Chop Matt Lautner Cattle: Bred by Justin and Cody Webb

This fluffy little calf… or is it a teddy bear in disguise? | 14 Cows That Are Too Cute To Handle

Love love love great Pyrenees... And goats

i wish to steal these fluffies

I didnt choose the hug life, the hug life chose me.

Nighty night, the pups are tired!


young farm friends

Plush cows!!!

miniature cows!

Noo Cookie Monster! I are not a snicker doodle! - Cute kitten looks like its held by a Cookie monster.


texas longhorn cattle | Dickinson Cattle Co. Inc. > Home > Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar ...

Born in Hawaii, Zoe is the only known captive Golden Zebra in existence. Woah.


V8 Ranch — Registered Brahman Cattle, Ranches located in Boling and Hungerford, Texas

Walk-Through "C" Gate

Please don't wash my lovey