Texas Tornado!!

Tibetan Mastiff

Tomahawk Chop Matt Lautner Cattle: Bred by Justin and Cody Webb

Love love love great Pyrenees... And goats

i wish to steal these fluffies

Baby bull calf Adorable "fluffy" cows www.lautnerfarms.com

in love with this


Newfoundland ~ loyal, gentle, loveable, listening dogs. Sooo fluffy!!

11 Reasons Fluffy Cows Are The New Micropigs - BuzzFeed Mobile

Fluffy cows it's so fluffy!!! :D

Why kids need pets. ♡♡♡

Matt lautner show cattle

I just died a little.

Why is a fluffy cow on this board you say? Because when i build my nest there will be a cow!

Winter day in the country…

Love is…. (by Steve Liptrot Photography)

Back at the farm

Would make a cute show cow :)