so freakin cute

Bubble blower!!! Gotta try this someday...

FALL in love!

Love the frame idea. With family in background

This was the mom's idea to have him play dress-up with daddy's clothes. ended up being a really cute shot. I think if I do this I would take the picture like this and then when they are older (hopefully in the same clothes) and superimpose the older picture into the mirror.


Cute baby picture

Toddler toes

Dad and son idea... this is happening! Even if its a girl... I would put a little braclett on her or paint her nails... just for the picture

Great family photo idea using a mirror to reflect the children; absolutely positively love this idea!

cool vacation pic!

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Adorable photo idea!

What a cute sibling photo idea. this just cracks me up!

Too cute! So sweet.

Adorable 6 month

One year photography pose, Photography ideas