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"Two women with bicycle," Hoquiam, Washington, photographer unknown, via University of Washington Libraries Commons on flickr. Modern and stylish, ca. 1900.   That's an interesting device for keepi...

The Birkenkopf, Stuttgart, August 2015, by enclos*ure

The Birkenkopf, Stuttgart, August 2015, by enclos*ure

The Sunday porch/enclos*ure: “J.D. Irvine Residence, Brownsville[, Ore.],” ca. 1918, via OSU Special Collections & Archives.

Einheitsmannchen or Unity Men, an art installation in the city center of Stuttgart marking the 25th year of German reunification, by enclos*ure.

Life in gardens/enclos*ure: Tompkins Square Park, 1967, by james Jowers, via George Eastman House

The Sunday porch/enclos*ure: Theo. Roosevelt porch, ca. 1905, via Library of Congress.

The Sunday porch/enclos*ure: French Riviera - Poincare residence, ca. 1914-18, Eze-sur-mer, France, via Universite Caen Basse-Normandie.|

The Sunday porch/enclos*ure: Savannah. The lattice and panel of shutters may indicate an old bordello. ca. 1939, by F.B. Johnston, via Library of Congress

Before air-conditioning: Washington, D.C., in July 1942, by Marjory Collins, via Library of Congress

Cut-your-own sunflowers in Stuttgart, Germany/enclos*ure.

"Only paid-for flowers make friends." Cut-your-own sunflowers in Stuttgart, Germany./enclos*ure

The Sunday porch/enclos*ure: shadows on 1935 Alabama porch, by W.N. Manning, Library of Congress

Life in gardens/enclos*ure: Black children standing in front of half-mile concrete wall in N.W. Detroit. It was built in 1941 to separate their neighborhood from a white housing development going up on the other side. Photo taken August 1941 by John Vachon for U.S. Farm Security Administration via Library of Congress.

Life in gardens/enclos*ure: cooling beneath an evening glory canopy and the moon, 1880s, Yoshitoshi Taiso, via Library of Congress

Bloom Day in June|enclos*ure. Pilosella aurantiaca or Hieracium aurantiacum (orange hawkweed), native to Europe.

"At the window," Stongfjorden, Norway, ca. 1910, by Paul Stang, via Fylkesarkivet i (County Archives of) Sogn og Fjordane Commons on flickr.

The approach, Chasley, Alabama, an infrared by C. Highsmith, 2010, Library of Congress

The Sunday porch/enclos*ure: detail of outbuilding porch,, Struan, Arden, North Carolina, 1938, by F. B. Johnston

The Sunday porch/enclos*ure: Struan, Arden, North Carolina, 1938, by Frances B. Johnston.

Bird's Nest Tavern, Va. Eastern Shore, by F.B.Johnston, 1930s, Library of Congress.

Summer, between 1910-33, by Inga Breder, via Preus Museum

The Sunday porch/enclos*ure: Baltimore stoop, 1938, by John Vachon, Library of Congress.

enclos*ure -- "Our garden: cutouts"

Life in gardens/enclos*ure: from the window -- Finland, ca. 1920, by Edith Sodergran (detail).