I cannot think of a better lamp than this! #duckhunt #nintendo

Chandelier Made from Nintendo Zappers | Mental Floss

DIY Tetris Shelves Instructables

How awesome?? i could make this..

Star Wars Imperial Walker Zimmer Frame. I'd like to reserve mine now!

"Button Link" by Dot Falcon from Busted Button's Artwork Portfolio | Nintendo NES Button Artwork Legend of Zelda craft

Mario Lamp

Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp

NES Clock

love this... would be great in a room in my house

Retro Duo Portable Gaming System for Your Old Nintendo NES/ SNES Games

Custom Super Mario Block Lamp made for Mario themed birthday party gift. Great for a gamer's Nintendo room.

Evolution of Nintendo characters


Super Mario Bros. Lego Lamp is pure video game art

NES in an NES cartridge

This is simply amazing. Nintendo has had such amazing systems over the years!!! Plus.... ALL THE POKEMONS!!!!

This is the triforce of wisdom

The 8 Bit Catastrophe Survival Kit - WANT!

Nintendo awesomeness

Totally awesome! Super Dad Creates Super Mario Themed Bedroom For Daughter | Geekologie #gamer #nintendo