I cannot think of a better lamp than this! #duckhunt #nintendo

Star Wars Imperial Walker Zimmer Frame. I'd like to reserve mine now!

NES Clock

Chandelier Made from Nintendo Zappers | Mental Floss

Mario Lamp

Nintendo lamp.

TARDIS Bookcase i would turn this into like, a walk in closet that looks like the inside of the tardis with hidden compartments for clothes:P

love this... would be great in a room in my house

Boo - Super Mario Apron. Oh my God I want this. Hell I don't eve cook and I really want this

Nintendo Duck Hunt Shirt: Nintendo Mens T-Shirt

Nintendo Controller Backpack #geeky #NES

#Mario --- 25 years of dying

Retro gamers' haven

#DuckHunt Dog #SuperSmashBros Comic

Gamer since NES

Neat artwork done by the person I'm repinning!

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table by TheBohemianWorkbench

duck head created from used shotgun shells- great idea for decorating in a duck hunter's bedroom

Video game controller floor mat

Classically Trained NES Controller Shirt: Nintendo Mens T-shirt

Who will want this more? The husband, the child...or ME?! super mario bookcase #nintendo