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Superman Kryptonite Cake (and Sugar Glass Recipe)

Sugar Sweet Cakes and Treats: Superman Kryptonite Cake (and Sugar Glass Recipe)

- Gravity defying Cake…  Minion Superman on Pole Vaulting… Ιt is about a real gravity defying cake (cake in the air)!!!! The cake involves a high percentage of difficulty as the hero holds onto a pole with one hand (right hand) and his posture is neither horizontal nor vertical. As seen in the photo the slant is 45 degrees and there is no styrofoam at the bottom part of the hero's body to help stability and give the illusion of the slant!! The cake touches onto a material appropriate to ...

Gravity Defying Cake Minion Superman On Pole Vaultingt Is About A Real Gravity Defying Cake Cake In The Air The Cake Involves A H

Bubble and Sweet: How to make a Pastel Rainbow Ruffle Cake

Bubble and Sweet: How to make a Pastel Rainbow Ruffle Cake! This links to the instructions on baking & assembling this beautiful cake!

Making fondant shiny - equal amounts of corn syrup and clear alcohol #food

Learn 4 different methods for making fondant shiny. Enjoy this quick & simple tutorial for achieving a glossy fondant finish with corn syrup & alcohol.

Torta santa

Santa Claus is on the christmas cakes. Here is a collection santa claus christmas cakes photo gallery, images.

À la plage

Someone made these at Summer Camp for Mikey’s class. So cute! Can also use a round peppermint for a beach ball, a stick of gum curved to make a beach chair, or a large lifesaver for a float with a teddy graham on it. Use graham cracker cr