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Finger monkeys are actually pygmy marmosets from the rain forest. These primates belong to the family Callitrichidae, species Cebuella and genus C. pygma. They are the tiniest living primates in the world. They are also known by the names "pocket monkeys" and "tiny lions". Theses adorable guys hug and grip on to your finger so tight that it pulls at your heartstrings and you want to take them home with you.

Etruscan Shrew - Smallest mammal on Earth by weight (.06 oz, the same as a dime), 1.5" long (not counting tail).

Cutest baby animals ever!

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23 Animal GIFs That Should Be World Famous

This tiniest snake in the whole wide world: | 23 Animal GIFs That Should Be World Famous

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The Bumblebee Bat (aka Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat)

aww how cute!! worlds smallest mammal, the bumblebee bat :)

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Pictures: Pea-Size Frog Found—Among World's Smallest

Scientists identified the world's smallest frog in Bornea. For years, scientists have mistaken it for a juvenile frog of a different species. Amazing! (via notcot)

Very Rare Red Owl / only Gods hand can create such amazing unique beauty...never seen such a beautiful owl…so majestic unfortunately it probably suffers from se sort of coloration disorder bc of the color of its feathers

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Community Post: Please Help Name This Itty Bitty Turtle

Smallest turtle ever The smallest turtle ever was hatched at Pacific northwest turtle work... this mini musked turtle is about 1.22 grams,the little one is still to be named,its mother is about 3 inches and father measuring 2 inches so small that it can be easily fitted in a bottle cap. – s: Rogers Leckovich Gurdian, Guatemala Acuarium, Ingrid Geier, Sabrina Fahl a Sarah Janine Bölke.

The Brookesia Minima chameleon is among the smallest reptiles in the world, measuring under an inch long.


The smallest cat in the world…

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Meet Einstein, the world's smallest horse who weighs less than a newborn baby

Meet Einstein, the world's smallest horse who weighs less than a newborn baby. OMG.

The birth of one of the world's rarest creatures was celebrated this week at North Korea's Pyongyang People's Zoo. The Fennec Hare is on the brink of extinction with only a handful remaining in captivity. Movingly adorable.