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Silkie Chicks-I had some Silkies. They had feathers on their feet and black skin. They were my favorites.

why did the chicken get ran over when he tried to cross the road?????? he couldn't see the car coming

.my favorite pin of the day wish I could throw a big PINNER PARTY FOR MY PINNERS WITH THE SAME TASTE AS ME !!!!!!

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Silkie chickens are supposed to be great for first time backyard homesteaders. They are docile, not as noisy as regular chickens are good egg producers.

A Food Your Chickens Should Avoid: Plants from the nightshade family - Nightshade plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants have a toxic substance in their unripened fruit and leaves called solanine that could be harmful to your flock. Even the peels of potatoes are potentially harmful and should be avoided. If you have a large amount of leftover nightshade vegetables (potatoes or peels), cook them first and your chickens will enjoy the treat even more.

Silkie Bantam... I think I have to have at least one of these! They're the lap kittens of chickens

this will be dane and this will be awesome