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lol no i won't. you'll know that i like you if i tell you to get lost. i rarely pay attention, understand, and care. i SOMETIMES show love. but that's if you're lucky

this seems like a huge secret, friends dont stay

#Libra We Libras are givers. Not takers. Haha. So we can give advice but not take advice, even if it's our own.

"Creative, perfectionist, lover of animals..."

Haha true we may not mention it but oh yes we are ~ I am VERY observant of people and there actions ... and what they say or don't...

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Libra. Yes, this is so true. If you start yelling, whether if it's at me or not, then well, I'm not going to be the nicest person all day....

So true . I will be faithful to a fault but once I'm done with you I'm done .. And calling six months later saying you messed up will have no effect any longer. Learned that about myself from experience :) appreciate what you have while you do or you will miss it one day