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Cat Mothering Baby Hedgehogs Is Kind Of The Greatest Thing Ever

Russian cat Sonya took in four orphaned baby hedgehogs and is raising them alongside her own kitten. The sound you just heard was your heart breaking into millions of tiny pieces. See video of t

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Cat with adopted baby hedgehog, uncredited

Cat adopts baby hedgehogs. * I can't imagine our cat and hedgehog doing that. Cute

how is sonic a hedge hog? He makes them seem so hard core... they are precious little lazy pups! ♥

omg a hedgehog, my sister use to own these lil guys! they are so cute, and watching them swim in your bathtub is hilariously adorable! i want one!

Please go follow my little sister Tatiana Rochus, she has the funniest and cutest things! It's fun to see the Pinterest world through a kiddos eyes!

I wasn't gonna repin but then I saw hedgehog stick it's tongue out's just so CUTE

In 2006, McDonald's in the U.K. changed the McFlurry to a hedgehog-friendly design. Previously, hedgies were getting their heads caught in the lids. // 20 Enchanting Facts About Hedgehogs

Aren't they so interesting looking? ~ ~ ~ Photo 27 of 43 of cutest baby animals.

This is probably the cutest thing ever