Old Stray Dog Wins the Lottery

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Owner surrenders unrecognizable dog to be killed. I am still amazed how utterly stupid pet owners are/can be. This poor baby! I hope he finds a wonderful new home.


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Emotional family reunion with dog who lived as a stray for over four years » DogHeirs | Where Dogs Are Family « Keywords: reunion, lost dog, Stray

“Speaking Dog” Can’t Stop Talking to His Rescuers

14-year-old dog rejected by owner after being picked up as a stray. I love old dogs, he is beautiful!

15-Year-Old Dog Stumbles Onto Hero’s Lawn and Both Get Swept Away

Animal abuse.

Golden Retriever/German Shepard mix.

Dog Treks 10 Miles In Freezing Cold To Find Beloved Mate

Catahoula Leopard Dog. Oh my cute

Hi. My name was Adrian. I was a young and playful pup. They killed me on November 27. The shelter was full and I had to go. Please people, don't buy from breeders. Save our lives instead. Please. It is too late for me, but there are so many more.

You are their voice!


*nobody* loves you as deeply and completely as a senior dog does. <3 <3


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