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how-to-make-a-wind-chime-from-old-keys.jpg 620×482 pixels

love wind chimes. this is so cute and I can make this

Romantic Skeleton Key by Abigail Mooney, via Flickr

Design Your Own Vintage Typewriter Key & Large Skeleton Key Necklace-Personalized Gift-Initials-Recycled-Letters-Numbers by Cloud9Jewels

Wow DIY Key Chime! :O Very original and you get to keep all of your old keys as memories and they can make music as the wind blows :)

Old Skeleton Key with green glass bead

Charming Skeleton Key and Crown Charm Necklace ~Shop SALE!! Customer appreciation month~use promo code Iappreciateyou

These would be great hanging off of a leather necklace

Copper Steampunk Key Pendant -- Antique Copper Wire Wrapped Clockwork Key with Gears (A Key to Time) /// SOLD /// from silverowlcreations on