Living Beautifully: Sweet Windows and Bedrooms

beautiful - a tree in the bedroom . This reminds me of my bedroom except I had black and holding mine. Have trees with lights thru out the house as well as grape clusters that are lit on a faux vine on my wine rack

This is genius! Swing arm rods. Interesting, would cover the window but make them look bigger when open

Global Swing Arm 24 to 38-inch Adjustable Curtain Rod (Pewter Swing Arm rod), Grey (Metal)

Good idea for Mom's Bedroom window. Sheers for window heavy drapes for night privacy. Replace your curtain rods with swing arm rods to open up the room and allow more light in. Windows appear to be bigger than they are, too. LOVE THIS IDEA!

headboard made from old doors, corbels, by carol.delashmit

Old door headboard. I like the shelve and brackets at the top. could work over a door way that needs an added touch.

20 Projects Built From Scratch#/1216536/20-projects-built-from-scratch?&_suid=137385999971808241408230997531#/1216536/20-projects-built-from-scratch?&_suid=137385999971808241408230997531

Diy furniture Idea Box by Tammy

20 projects built from scratch, diy, painted furniture, woodworking projects, This one is not from new materials. Art used two old windows and some lumber from an old water bed to make this charming country cupboard

LA Good Questions: Unique Room Dividers?

LA Good Questions: Unique Room Dividers?

old windows & doors will be closing in our back porch! (Dave went back and got me that window Christine lol!

Canopy Bed from hanging planter.

diy bed canopy from hanging basket. I would add Christmas lights to the basket! for the girls room.

twinkle lights on vintage bed springs

lighting for back porch or kitchen OMG use an old gate or bed spring frame to suspend lights! (outdoor patio or pot holder in kitchen)

2013 Luxury Bedroom Lighting Ideas Best Romantic Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Love the old window above the bed. the idea of a suspended canopy for a girlie room could be created in so many ways, from this shabby chic look, to streamlined and modern with a simple metal frame.

fabric behind old window | old window with fabric behind it and using it to display old photos

Chippy shabby window photo display: Reclaimed pained window frame with chicken wire as backing and photos attached with photo clips. A must have in our family room.