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I always wondered why he didn't remember how she looked like at all LOL

"Says you are the love of his life - forgets what you look like and has to put a shoe on every girl in the kingdom" Prince Charming HA! SO much for Prince Charming!

This is the best thing I've seen EVER. So true!!!!!!!

You never really bought them…

Weird Strawberry Candies - reminds me of grandmas house :))

Lol I remember this commercial

My all time favorite Mayhem Guy commercial. "I'm an emotionally compromised teenage girl"

i remember noticing that, but isn't it in the short where Ken and Barbie are gonna go to Hawaii with Bonnie?

Coincidence, I think not

i remember noticing that, but isn't it in the short where Ken and Barbie are gonna go to Hawaii with Bonnie?<<<noooooo its in the short where Rex creates a lot of fun in the bathroom because the other toys basically told him he didn't know how to part XD

Disney Princesses are not just swirling around in gowns they can kick ass too!

Who Was First?

So true. I also think that in a way, Belle saved the beast.

Disney's Yearbook Superlatives. by NiqueGata

Disney Class Yearbook Tells You Who’s Who… I wish these were in my year book.

aladdin & les miserables mashup

26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand

(Les Mis and Aladdin! Fun Fact: This line in Aladdin was in reference to Les Miserables! Lea Salonga, who sung for Jasmine in the movie Aladdin, played Eponine on broadway.) IDK why but I laughed SO hard when I saw this!

Cinderella's Controversial Shoes lol

Cinderella's Controversial Shoes (sorry if repost)

Apple bottom jeans Boots with the fur (With the fur) The whole ball was looking at her She hit the floor Next thing you know Cindy got low low low low low low low low

So true! Guess that's part of the Diseny magic

Never question Disney logic

Cartoon logic. I wonder about the Spongebob stuff all the time.

Funny pictures about Irrational Logic of Cartoons. Oh, and cool pics about Irrational Logic of Cartoons. Also, Irrational Logic of Cartoons.