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  • ♂ Eco Gentleman

    ♂ Mystery dark forest zigzag path

  • Kimberly Sky

    At times, all of us get tangled with the success and failures of everyday life and this depicts my pathway at these moments. Just when you succeed and pick up speed, the black cloud appears and behold, here come the fears. The road will always sway back and forth, however, ultimately you are going forward... just hold onto all of your hopes, for you will prevail not fail. It's your decision, now walk on.

  • Susan Rinehart

    This must have been what Dorothy saw on the yellow brick road.

  • Gemma Starkey

    Fairy tale forest path

  • Kristi Self

    Little Red Riding Hoods Path

  • Katie Magee

    The path through life is never a straight one, and the ultimate destination is hidden among the trees. But it draws us on, ever on, through the darkness to the light we hope to find at the end of the trail.

  • David Kinskey-Lebeda

    Into the woods. Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling that this path leads to the house of a wicked witch? ;-)

  • Tracey Crawford

    Cool pathway between trees

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