OMG this is gorgeous

Cute, I wish I could braid like this

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That's a pretty hair color!

how to fish tail it is!

i wish my hair was thick enough to make a heavy braid like this. but i love love love this color and style. maybe one day.

Pink rainbow fishtail braided ponytail dyed hair @lilithstalker @blondieshair

Simple 3 fishtail braids braided into a normal braid. I used to do this to my dolls when I was a kid.

Pastel Crown Braid

Braided Braids

dutch braids & fishtail

French fishtail!

French braid pigtails into fishtails- perfect for long hair


Learn how to do the basic braids like French braids, Waterfall braids, and Lace braids. Learn how to do it regularly and dutch/inverted.

Fishtail and a bow #hair #style

lime, blue and lilac hair - love this.

Three braided buns hair tutorial.

Fishtail waterfall braid, say what?!