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    • Alicia Schott

      Dry foot remedy using epsom salt & vitamin E oil

    • Henna Auerbach

      Feet care | First get a bucket of warm water, not to hot, with a cup full of epsom salt. Allow salt to dissolve before placing your feet inside. Once the salt has dissolved, place your feet inside of the water, allow to soak for up to 30 minutes. 2 Remove feet from water after 3o minutes. Scrub gently with toothbrush to remove all loose, dry skin. This only takes a small amount of time. The skin should be very easy to remove. Rinse feet with water and pat dry with towel, need for summer!

    • Hannah Voegtle

      Getting the dead skin off your feet-too many adds and popups to go to the site so here's what they suggest. Soak in warm water with epsom salt for 30 min. Use toothbrush to remove loose cells for a few minutes, rise and pat dry. Use emery board to gently remove any additional dry skin. Rinse and pat dry again. Put vitamin E oil on feet. (not lotion). Repeat for about 5 days.

    • laila bashir

      Summer feet: soak your feet for half an hour in a bucket of warm water that 1 cup of epsom salt has been dissolved in. Scrub the dead skin off with a toothbrush. Once it's dry, scrub the remaining skin with an emry board. Apply vitamin e oil and put socks on.

    • Deb March

      How to Relieve Dry, Cracked Feet Warm Water Epsom Salt Toothbrush (hard) Instructions Enjoy this foot time.. First get a bucket of warm water, not to hot, with a cup full of epsom salt. Allow salt to dissolve before placing your feet inside. Once the salt has dissolved, place your feet inside of the water, allow to soak for up to 30 minutes. remove dry skin with emery board,rinse & dry. Apply Vit. E Please note that it must be vitamin E oil

    • Cezanne Philips

      No more cracked heels! Add a cup of Epsom salt to a bucket of warm water. Allow salt to dissolve then soak feet for 30 min. Then gently scrub to remove all loose, dry skin. Rinse feet w water, towel dry. Take an emery board and gently go back and forth until there is no more dry skin. Rinse feet and towel dry. Rub Vitamin E oil on the affected areas, or all over your feet. Put socks on to keep the oil on your feet. Repeat process for at least five days. Must be vitamin E oil, not cream.

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