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True for the insignificant people in my life that read into everything I post on fb and Pinterest! Get a life!

Duck Season

Laughing... I really do get the urge to say Quack Quack when I walk by someone with over inflated lips... I am not mean... something just possess my mind in that moment... it passes... I zip my lips... God help me cuz the urge is fairly strong...

365 Happiness Project: Quote 10

Still unsure of what to believe and what not to believe of what I said? Take a good look at who I am then you will know.. I am a fool!

These 30 Dogs Were So Disgustingly Naughty That They Need Publicly Shamed. This Is Hysterical.

I pooped in the heater vent. Now the WHOLE House smells like poop!!! :(

Community Post: This Dog Feels No Remorse

doggy. This is tator, even when we step outside to take the trash