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The 7 Most Inspiring Natural Sceneries

picnic! Click here to download Gorgeous Outdoor Picnic Celebration (Wedding or perfect for shower too) Click here to download i want to have a picnic just like this// Click here to download Autumn at the lake Click here to download

Outdoor Sanctuaries - this is just gorgeous - the stone arches, the foliage. What did this used to be? It reminds me of a scene from the Drew Barrymore movie Ever After where she and the Prince (DougRay Scott) meet. I can picture a wedding here.

Walk of Autumn Printed Photography Backdrop / 9211

DRUMROLL! "Spiritual life is not a theory. We have to live it." "I followed my path, Wide enough, I kept balance, Narrow enough, I kept my way. I saw my dream, Growing closer with every step. I know my path, It is right for me." ~ Skip Ramsey (partial)

Kevin Clifford: "Clinton River in the Fall" by Kevin Clifford of Rochester Hills. The photographer was standing at the bend of the river looking south at Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills when he took this picture in October 2005. I used to go to this cider mill often, when I lived there.