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  • Jessica McGrath

    thats my new pick up line.

  • Stacie Myers

    Love is... taking chances.

  • Joyce Garland

    lol...something about this makes me smile. I never did believe in cooties. Although we had a 'cootie zapper' in 4th grade. Aka a specific place you could stand with a boy and it would be fine! Haha

  • Jeni Bozarth

    Hehe, I gave my future husband this card for valentine's day a few years ago!

  • Carol Jones

    Happy Valentines Day People <3

  • V Cast

    I'm willing to risk the cooties if your are..... {quotes | motivation | inspiration | wisdom | advice}

  • Malinda Barnes

    Cooties! Too funny!!

  • Kayla Fratianno

    Valentines card!!! with personal note inside! love this!

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haha.... well there's a new pick-up line.

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love it. If this doesn't make the recipient smile then you gave it to the wrong person.

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cutest thing i have ever read