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tree carving quilt

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name carved in a tree quilt

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DIY The "24 Hour" quilt. Just take two (or one) solid color fabrics and sew zig-zag lines.

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Catherine explains: "To keep the quilting lines straight and even, use blue painter's masking tape to mark line guides. You can reuse several times before replacing. Brilliant!

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Um can you say cute?!

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Color inside the lines batik chevron

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This would make a cute baby quilt.

Decor and the Dogfrom Decor and the Dog

"Cheater" Baby Quilt Tutorial

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"Cheater" Baby Quilt Tutorial — This type of quilt is great for the beginner. Whips up in only a few hours!

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Momfrom Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

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Make a chevron quilt the easy way!

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Happy Flowers


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rag quilt tutorial. Must try this!

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Easy rag quilt made in strips instead of squares. This is so cute

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alternating straight line quilting really makes the large block quilt so much more interesting.

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What a great website: Anyone Can Quilt.....For goodness sakes just sew woman!! LOVE IT...she even has a tutorial on how to use the walking foot. Sure wish I had seen this before I wasted my money for a class at a local quilt shop.

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By Grapes & Hearts - Elmar Quilt Top: Dare to be Different. I want to blatantly copy this quilt, it's just so fab!

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Rag Quilt -- Love this!

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Baby Quilt made with 16 giant half square triangles by Annemarie Bollman

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Tips for keeping your border straight on a quilt