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    • Calia Adams

      Would rather say forgetting would be better because I can't take the pain of remembering anymore. Thought I would be fine at first but I was wrong. Like a thousand other times... I was wrong.

    • Brittney Butler

      Miscarriage. A war between remembering and forgetting. I never want to forget, even though it is painful, but sometimes remembering makes it nearly impossible to get through the day. I always want to remember everything about my child. This is the truth.

    • Jaison Colt

      A constant battle, thats why i dont like memories because it only brings back a time and a life that no longrr exist.

    • Rubi Tuesdays

      I like the memories because they remind me I haven't always been this girl, constantly mad or scared or confused. I don't like the memories because the tears come easily, and once again I break my promise to myself for this day. It's a constant battle. A war between remembering and forgetting."

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    Just remember this.

    Time...I absolutely love this.

    Beautiful sadness.


    Everyday rigaroni biscatoni mi amore

    she wasn't bitter, she was sad though. but it was a hopeful kind of sad, the kind of sad that just takes time. stephen chbosky #quotes #love #true #truelove #sad #sadquotes

    It has to stop some time


    too true

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

    Recovering takes time...

    I have to agree. It's my memory and the thoughts of what was and hoped to be that can be an enemy of mine. I just try to let it go and embrace what my life is.

    Broken heart

    so true #depression

    // heartbreaking. Missing loved ones today, that have passed. And mourning the tragic loss for my family, close friends, and friends from the past.

    How to get over him...once an for all. You don't, he/it is now a part of who you are. You won't think about him all the time, but something will trigger a memory and your right back there. . . get used to it and move on.

    Love and Hate... a constant tug of war between my mind and my heart, what's right and what's wrong, what's needed and what's not and everything in between.