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Some very happy children in Africa receiving free Kindles as part of the project to improve literacy

So, because Marjorie Celona's novel "Y" is now listed for the Giller award, I made this. Why? Because. And if you end up with that song stuck in your head, well, I just like to share! Books: Marjorie Celona: "Y", Jon M. Muth: "M", Tom McCarthy: "C", Andy Warhol: "A"

NPR's reader poll for the top-100 teen novels had several of its ranking titles disqualified for being either too mature or too young according to experts, begging the question: What makes a teen novel?

"Abandoned Wal-Mart Transformed into Functioning Library" -- Finally, the opposite of the story we're used to hearing. It's enough to give you hope.

Science fiction review: Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312. The man is a giant of sci-fi. And according to this article, one of his books about Mars... is now sitting there. On Mars.

More on Maurice Sendak, from Wired.

"I refuse to lie to children, I refuse to cater to the bullshit of innocence." Maurice Sendak. The author of "Where the Wild Things Are" and "In the Night Kitchen," among many others, passed away May 8th.

Okay, this doesn't exactly count as publishing, but the "Dust" film, filmed in Japan and produced in the U.S., is inches away from its Kickstarter goal, and one backer is matching pledges dollar for dollar to push them over the top. If they don't make the goal by Sunday, they get nothing. So help out, or spread the news!

The Cat's Meow 50-Word Story Competition eBook. Three of my own stories inside, along with many others. Have a read! (Best downloaded and read as a PDF. But readable online too.)

Jungle Crows: a Tokyo Expatriate Anthology (which by lucky coincidence includes a story by Yours Truly.)

"...sales of digital books for younger readers were up an astounding 475 percent in January from a year ago." Yeah, you read that. Go on, read it again. This is one of those rare, guardedly optimistic articles on the future of publishing, and even if you disagree, it is peppered with links to other articles that give good overview of the situation.

The diaeresis isn't doomed yet. An article for those wondering about the New Yorker's quirkiest style convention -- those dots over diphthongs. I've always favoured the diaeresis in "naïve" but had no time for it in words like "reëlect." And house style at my company keeps it off of everything. Still, I've often thought English literacy could benefit from a diacritical mark or two.

Lisa J. Murphy creates Tactile Mind -- a tactile erotic book for the blind. It's a good day in Canada.

Readers of the Lost Ark -- Brewster Kahle plans to build his own ark for books. Noble idea. Poorly conceived. Try asking a serious book collector what they think of storing books in those cardboard boxes, just for starters.

On the inimitable Angela Carter.

Neil Gaiman shoots the bees.