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Garifuna fisherman

The turquoise rope matches the colors of the clear blue sea

Boat under the arches - Mompox, Colombia | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Fig. A. Handlining over grouper banks - Cay Caulker. Fig. B. Shacks and fish corrals at Cay Glory. Fig. C. Grouper in corral - Cay Glory. Fig. D. Butchering Tables - Cay Glory. Fig. E. Shack with fish drying on "tendedores" - Cay Glory. Fig. F. Corned fish drying on boat - Cay Glory.

Joe Young's sailboat "Linton." This is originally a ship's lifeboat washed up on the reef during WWII. Joe found it, fixed it up, rigged it with mast, sails and cabin. It became a very popular "for hire boat" in the 40's, largely because of Joes's great personality. Belize

Young indigenous native indian Garifuna girl paddling a dugout canoe on Lake Izabal, Lago de Izabal, Guatemala. Stock Photo

Honduras - Ever gone out with a $30,000 Betacam camera in a dugout canoe through surf -- amazing what a couple of MREs will buy for you. Ended up being held captive for the next 12 hours with the Honduran Navy. Good times. LOL

Honduras - Voyages + 10 jours