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  • Jaclyn Ann

    Blue Dark Make Up for the eyes... I've learned I need electric blue eyeliner

  • 16125980404 Hale

    Most of the time we see photos like this on pinterest and think, WOW thats beautiful, to bad I can’t pull off something like that! Well I used to think the same thing, until I actually sat down and started practicing. This eye makeup style really isn’t that challenging at all, it just takes a little practice with a brush. Can you imagine showing up to a hot date with your eyes smouldering like this? I can, and have. You can ask my hubs. You’re going to start off by buying some light blue eyeliner, you may get a few strange looks from the cosmetics counter, but pay no attention, these ladies don’t know what’s up. Apply your blue eye liner first, since its a very light color and will be hard to put over anything dark. Grab some light eyeshadow ( and I do mean light ) and apply …

  • Minki Lashes

    Silk eyelashes and #eyemakeup on #BlueEyes. White #eyeshadow on the top eyelid, black eyeliner on the top eyelid blue #eyeliner on the waterline.

  • Jemimah Hunt

    loveee. Blue eyeliner with cat eye liner

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Would love to try something like this, but i'm so plain jane when it comes to makeup.

..perfect..would go really well with the mermaid scales for Halloween!

I have concluded that if you don't have an ALL INCLUSIVE, GREAT set of brushes...none of these looks are realistically possible.

i had someone tell me once not to cover my whole eye in eye shadow but hey look at this similar to what i do! Makeup green eye shadow (probably pretty with any color blue or brown with the gold)

Teal lid violet crease plum lashline

I love her makeup here But any man that says they like the, "natural look like kym kardashian" needs to GTFO

love the eye makeup and lipstick color

great makeup day or night. makeup is basic for any eye color, switch up the colored liner to your own eye color to make them pop. blues, mauve and greens make brown eyes pop.

sheer glitter shadow & black/red liner.