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DieselPunk Motorbikes - Dieselpunks Custom built with an airplane engine. A radial motorcycle

wtf motorcycles - Bing Images

Behold the ultimate Star Wars inspired Speeder Bike motorcycle. This custom build is a working piece of awesome art that will make any Star Wars fan happy.

aweee... how cool is that? U.S army drives a German VW beetle?

Post World War II U. army VW Beetle with motorcycle carrier

Orange and Silver Busa

If I had a choice on how I would die? I would want to go out trying to get this thing up at 200 + mph.

Twin 7.62 Gatling guns. Note ammo boxes for storage. Owner apparently rides it... Pure badass.

I no longer have problems with road rage. You may not have known I had issues with road rage. However, since I picked up my new bike, people no longer seem to annoy me anymore. Maybe I have mellowed.

This would be a great motorcycle collection! (12 Pics)

Wanna Ride Em - Vol. 2