House Industries by douglasspics, via Flickr.

5 // Hiromura Signage

liz collini - Luca Barcellona, brush lettering for a...


Moshun / Calango

Any way, how is your sex life?

Suite by Abraham Garcia

Nice shadow #type

Berger & Föhr, Dripp, SK Design


B #letter

oh goodness. this website just makes me happy. free catalogs to peruse if you sign up. font heaven

Grain Edit

just my type

Liked how these letters looked and wished I could see the full font repetoire. While there's a lot to each letter, you can easily make out what letter it is. Definitely a font that could be used on album, book, etc, covers. #graphic design #fonts #typography @Stephanie Close Close Close Close Mikuls thought of you when i saw this