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The burden of proof is on believers

Even if you think the Bible condemns homosexuality it doesn't matter. It condones slavery, genocide, rape-marriages, child abuse. It IS NOT a moral guidebook!

Before or after. It doesn't matter. Shit is still gonna happen. Praying is useless.

Been my resounding question for a very long time, when I've always - ALWAYS - had the same obvious answer as define here! I ask this every time a disaster happens and people are praying for the victims. Are you fucking kidding me?

Omg I always give the hobbit as an example when trying to explain how I see the bible!!!

PROOF of Bilbo Baggins. And remember, 'True Believers' have unquestioning faith.

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. The most dangerous aspect of religion is its tendency to glorify the absurd and justify the abhorrent.

"History is proof, religion can be dangerous. My gr grandmother and grandfather Giles Corey were killed in Salem, MA as they questioned seizures of friends being physical in nature.which of course science later proved factual.

How hell was invented.

Hell was invented by the medieval church for fear-driven power consolidation.

Australian aborigines on earth long before god created ...Someone put hipster glasses on him! :) 'walking the earth before it was even cool'

Australian aborigines on earth long before god supposedly "created" it.

"With Nutritionally-Depleated Foods, Chemical Additives And OUr Tendency To Rely Upon Pharmaceutical Drugs To Treat What's Wrong With Our Malnourished Bodies, It's No Wonder That Modern Society Is Getting Sicker" - Food Matters Film