Having these days lately

This is how I feel about school everyday

For THOSE days

Somedays . . .

Some days

no fucks!

Can't even go a day without someone stalking my life! FUCK OFF! Once and for all!

I'm sorry I was 30 minutes late to the job in which I already work ungodly amounts of unpaid overtime.


True. I always cry when I'm angry! Which makes me cry more! Urgh.

Oh yeh I have felt like that lol

sounds about right.

Someecards - Stupid

That's fucking right!!!

Shit thats how I feel!


Some days

It happens. But I make myself feel better by saying if they are too stupid to figure it out...

ecards, funny ecard, funny ecards, sassy. I'm feeling like a bitch today. I must be on someone else's period.