A meadow like this, especially as an alternative to a traditional lawn, is a great bang-for-the-buck sustainable landscaping strategy. It produces dramatic improvements in both indoor and outdoor air quality. By reducing the need for energy and water, it can save a family as much as 2,500 per 1,000 square feet each year

Plant a No-Mow Lawn: how to replace your thirsty lawn with a casual, easy-care meadow.

Stepables Top 10 plants, a grassy replacement for walkways and small areas - soft and cool to the touch, and the more they get stepped on, the more they thrive!

environmentally friendly, unique grasses like fine-fescue that need to be mowed only 2x per year.

different textures of grass

It's SPRING! Time to take a look at our lawns! How to repair lawns like this!

Welcome, my name is Brooke Kroeger and can easliy say I live my life in a garden. I just love beautiful things. I am an avid gardener and collect vintage roses and cottage style flowers. I share my own garden at my Creative Country Mom website,

"Positioning plants so they make the most of light pays off, as it does here where the afternoon sun sets this stand of Stipa tenuissima aglow, accenting its "soft, feathery quality"

I really want the perimeter of my backyard to look like THIS. I need to get a clue about plants.

Blue fescue Botanical name: Festuca glauca Requirements: Well-drained soil and full sun.Bird benefits: Seeds feed them; foliage provides nesting material Gardener benefits: Mound-forming, semievergreen plants have striking blue-green foliage, making them valuable accent plants. Drought-tolerant plants are a good choice for low-water landscapes. Zones: 4-8 Size: 6-18 inches tall; 12-24 inches wide

Sheet mulching....the easiest way to turn lawn into a garden

Low-Maintenance Alternatives to Lawns -- Liriope. See more easy-care plants from 'Gardening from a' at

private garden | oxfordshire ~ dan pearson studio....don't mind the look. Mowed paths still show some forethought and can't beat the reduction in maintenance time :)

This amazing garden comes alive with some morning sun. I love the way sunlight changes a garden at different times of the day. Pinned to Garden Design by Darin Bradbury.

Let an area of the lawn grow wild, then create a path through the tall grass with a riding mower or weedwacker.


Mexican Feather Grass. I love the absolute softness of this ornamental grass.

Epsom salts help grass produce vitamins and also prevents unwanted pests without the use of traps or chemical poisons.